What is a foot fetishism? Having a foot fetish means having a sexual interest in feet. According to many sources, foot fetishism is the most common sexual fetish, and it’s more prevalent in men than in women. Foot fetishism can focus on the size or shape of the feet, or even the highness of the arch or shape of the toes or toenails, and sub-fetishes can include a fetish for feet in socks or shoes, or socks or shoes on their own. Some people are turned on by the smell of feet, the sweatier the better, while others like clean feet. Some are more turned on by the soles, toes or tops of the feet. Some foot lovers may prefer hairy or smooth toes and tops, and some may prefer well-groomed feet with smooth soles while others may be turned on by less groomed and possibly calloused feet.

Often people are turned on by the feet of specific types of people. For example, one might be turned on by handsome hunks feet or only by the feet of men over 40 or collegiate types. Athletes and bodybuilders are popular, perhaps perceived as having strong feet, and some people may prefer the feet of people with certain ethnicities.

Foot worship is an activity that refers to the sucking, licking and/or kissing of feet. Some simply refer to it as “foot licking”. Tickling or “tickle torture” is also a sub-niche of foot fetishism that includes tickling on the bare soles and elsewhere, even including other areas of the body and may sometimes include bondage.

Other related fetishes include wet or muddy feet, shoes or boots, and you may find sites offering people stomping fruit, washing feet or walking in mud.

Have a foot fetish? You’re not alone. Celebrities known to be into feet include Ricky Martin, Tommy Lee, Jack Black, Ludacris, Enrique Iglesias and Quentin Tarantino. Rumor has it that Elvis Presley not only had a taste for feet but had his handlers make sure the women they referred to him had attractive feet. And David Boreanaz was reported by an ex as having a foot fetish, too. And Britney Spears once related that she likes attractive men to suck her toes.

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