Celeb Feet

Jason Statham’s Feet

Hey, fellow foot lovers – let’s launch the celeb feet section with one of my personal favorites! Here’s sexy Jason Statham in a hospital bed (relax, it’s just a movie), and the end of this short clip gives us a nice shot of those sexy bare feet.

Feet in Sandals

Hot Hunk with Such Sexy Feet

Sexy hunk in flip flops

Patrick from Foot Friends is a super sexy amateur hunk. He’s gorgeous, and he’s got big, strong feet with a light covering of hair. First he shows them off in flip flops, but as things progress, he loses his shirt AND his shoes…

Toe Sucking

Sexy Twink Feet

Cute twink licking his own toes

Paulo from Toe Gasms has done a few videos before, but he’s totally new to foot fetish photo shoots. He’s a natural, though – this is my favorite pic from the shoot, as the sexy 19 year old washes his toes with his tongue. But wait – there’s more!

Feet in Socks

Amateur Guy in Black Dress Socks

Edward from Foot Friends is a laid-back amateur dude who doesn’t look too comfortable on camera showing off his feet, but he did show up for the shoot wearing dress shoes and well-worn black dress socks, and I must say I think they look very sexy on his thick feet. I’m not sure whether Edward realized he was about to become gay foot fetish eye candy, but I’d say that’s exactly what happened. Want to see more of him? Click here for Foot Friends!

Foot Massage

Harvey Lotions Up His Bare Tootsies

Straight guy massaging his feet

Meet Harvey. Harvey is one of those good-looking amateur guys (and I just bet he’s straight) who decided to do something sexy on camera for all the world to see, and the site that gets the sexy first-timer is We Love Feet. Harvey props up his bare feet, drips lotion on one, then rubs it between his toes, all over his soles until the first foot is wet and sticky.