Foot Sniffing

The Scent of a Man’s Warm Shoes

gay sock and shoe sniffing

Two sexy men wearing suits, dress shoes and socks.  The bearded hunk gets down on his knees, takes his buddy’s feet in his dress loafers, and pulls the shoes off.  Then he sniffs the inside of the shoes while they’re still warm, then sniffs his buddy’s feet in his black socks while the other man sniffs the inside of his own shoes.  See more shoe and sock sniffing – click to visit Gentlemen’s Closet!

Foot Worship Toe Sucking

Licking and Sucking Carter’s Toes

gay foot fetish toe sucking

Carter from My Friends Feet isn’t one of the hunks we often see there – he’s a cute and sexy “regular guy” type with some face scruff who wears only his shorts as he lies in bed on crisp white sheets.  His size 11 feet are bare and his admirer is a serious male foot lover who can’t wait to wrap his lips around those feet.  And he pays plenty of attention to Carter’s toes, sucking and licking them, giving each foot a warm tongue bath before he goes down on each bare toe.  Want to see this entire foot fetish video?  Click here to see it at My Friends Feet!


Riley’s Feet Tickle Tortured!

gay foot tickling session

Riley is a burly bear of a man with red hair and a ginger beard who volunteered for a tickling session at My Friends Feet.  I don’t think he knew what he was getting into when he arrived wearing business attire – a crisp executive shirt and tie – but he was soon bound in the tickling chair, and next thing you know, a silver daddy goes to work on his feet.  Once the shoes are off, he tickles Riley’s feet through his socks, but soon exposes his sensitive, bare soles. After using an electric toothbrush’s vibration on those bare feet to drive Riley wild, his toes around bound.  Click here to see the full foot fetish shoot at My Friends Feet or click below to see more pics from this session!

Foot Worship

Worshiping A Muscle Hunk’s Feet

Muscle hunk getting his toes sucked

Joey from My Friends’ Feet is getting his feet worshiped, and he likes it!  His worshiper sits on the floor, pulling off Joey’s athletic shoes and socks, then bends over to lick one of those masculine bare feet as the strokes the other.  Then the foot lover gets serious, sucking and licking those bare soles and toes as Joey flexes his biceps, showing off his muscular physique and taking off his shirt as his worshiper goes down on his bare toes!  Want to watch this entire foot fetish session?  Click here to see it at My Friends’ Feet!

Bare Feet Tickling

Chase’s Last Tickling Session

Sad as it is, masculine muscle hunk Chase has decided to leave My Friends’ Feet, but he’s leaving on good terms, so he agrees to do a final tickling scene.  In this one, he’s in the tickle chair with his hands and feet bound, his bare soles exposed to the tickling fingers of his tormentor, who tickles those sensitive soles with fingers and a hair brush, making him laugh and struggle uncontrollably.  We’re sorry to see Chase go, but he’s got plenty of barefoot tickling scenes – click to see them all at My Friends’ Feet!