Foot Worship

Daddy in Suit Worships Male Feet

handsome daddy in a suit and tie worship male feet in dress shoes and socks

Handsome, bearded daddy Brendan Patrick looks sexy and authoritative in his suit, but cute and fresh-faced Jack Hunter is the one who takes control in this sexy foot fetish session from Gentlemen’s Closet.  Both guys wear high-end executive attire, but once Jack pulls up one of his pant legs, it’s Brendan who gets down on the floor to lick Jack’s feet in their dress shoes, then goes down on his socked feet.  Click here to watch this suit, sock and foot fetish video!

Feet in Socks

Rough Day at the Office

man shows off his feet in black socks

Jonah from My Friends Feet has had a hard day at the office, and he really needs to take a few minutes to relax.  First, he kicks off his shoes so his feet feel less restricted.  Then he just lies back, his feet in their black socks that hug his soles and toes, does a little texting, takes off his shirt and just lets us enjoy his warm, masculine socked feet.  In the last shot, his foot is so close, you can almost smell it!  Click here to see Jonah’s entire foot session

Foot Sniffing

The Scent of a Man’s Warm Shoes

gay sock and shoe sniffing

Two sexy men wearing suits, dress shoes and socks.  The bearded hunk gets down on his knees, takes his buddy’s feet in his dress loafers, and pulls the shoes off.  Then he sniffs the inside of the shoes while they’re still warm, then sniffs his buddy’s feet in his black socks while the other man sniffs the inside of his own shoes.  See more shoe and sock sniffing – click to visit Gentlemen’s Closet!

Foot Worship

Worshiping Those Socked Male Feet

gay foot and sock worship

Gentlemen’s Closet knows that nothing is hotter than two men dressed in suits and ties in a worship session? Kirk Cummings and Zario Travezz are both dressed in full executive attire, both in dress shoes and dress socks, and then one pulls off his buddy’s shoes, gives them a sniff, then gives those warm feet in their thin dress socks a tongue bath, licking them passionately as only a true foot lover will.  Click to watch the entire session or click below for more from this shoot!

Dress Shoes

Worshiping Daddy’s Dress Shoes

worshiping the boss' dress shoes gay foot worship

How about a little foot fun at the office?  This daddy is handsome with a bald head and a very sexy salt and pepper beard, but his admirer discovers when he bends down to pull off daddy’s dress shoes that daddy is wearing pantyhose under his expensive black suit.  That works for him – he doesn’t hesitate to lick those black loafers and sniff them to inhale daddy’s masculine foot odor.  Click to watch the entire video at Gentlemen’s Closet!