Feet in Socks

Amateur Guy Wears White Socks

amateur guy takes off his white socks

Cillian from My Friends Feet is a very sexy amateur guy with dark hair and eyes, and he’s got hairy legs.  He’s wearing shorts to show off his legs, and he’s wearing white athletic socks with grey toes and heels on his feet.  After letting us look our fill at his socked feet, Cillian leans forward and pulls off his socks, treating us to a look at his smooth, bare feet.  Click to see his entire shoot at My Friends Feet!

Foot Worship

Foot Fun Buddies

Lance Hart, owner of Man Up Films, was on vacation and he decided to bring his camera for a visit his buddy Cameron.  Looks like things went just the way Lance had in mind, because soon he and Cam were on the couch having a foot fun filled afternoon of sole licking, foot sniffing and serving each others’ feet.  Click to see the entire foot fetish session!

Amateur Feet

Blue Collar Guy in White Socks

amateur guy's feet in white socks

Here’s another amateur guy from Foot Friends who decided to show off his feet in a video.  And I’m glad he did!  I’m a sucker for male feet in white, form-fitting socks, and the grey toes make these even hotter.  And he’s sexy in his white A-shirt and cowboy hat, too.  Just a regular guy showing off his socked feet – it doesn’t get much better than that.  Click to see his entire shoot at Foot Friends!

Amateur Feet

Droolworthy Foot Closeups

European stud shows off his feet in sweaty socks and bare

Hubba hubba – talk about some sexy toes!  Nicolas Daner from MaleFeet4U has long, slightly knobby toes to daydream about, and this handsome European guy gives us some foot action as he shows off his tootsies in sneakers, sock and barefoot, as well.  Those dirty, sweaty socks cling to his toes and the balls of his feet, and once they come off, he displays closeups of his sensitive, wrinkled soles and those masculine toes.  Oh, my!  Want to see more of Nicolas Daner’s Euro feet?  Click to see them at MaleFeet4U.

Bare Feet Dirty Socks / Feet

Peeling off His Hot, Sweaty Socks

cute amateur takes off his sweaty socks

Cute guy-next-door Aaron Marke from ToeGasms is peeling off his sweaty white socks to show off his hot, sweaty feet underneath.  And what sexy feet he has!  Just a little dirty with a hint of callus on the sides, the sweat drying on them in the cooler air.  You can see his hairy ankles, too, as he takes off his socks.  And for a grand finale, the sole and toe closeup has me drooling!  Want to see more of Aaron’s feet?  Click to visit ToeGasms!