Amateur Feet Dirty Socks / Feet

Hot Sweaty Male Feet

It’s the end of the day, and this amateur web foot guy is taking off his hot work boots to expose his warm, sweaty socks. They’re matted and damp and probably smelly, and once the socks come off, his sweaty feet can finally begin to cool down.

Foot Worship

Toe Sucking Daddy

A long-time daddy with a salt and pepper mustache and a taste for male feet gets to wrap his lips and tongue around Zeak’s feet in this foot fetish session from My Friends’ Feet.  He holds those ankles, kissing and licking the tops before turning them over and going to work on his bare toes and dirty soles.  This foot loving daddy runs his warm, wet tongue between those masculine toes, sucking the toes and tickling them with his mustache.  Click here to watch the entire toe sucking session at My Friends’ Feet!

Bare Feet

Oto Useda Shows Off His Bare Toes

Barefoot amateur Euro guy with long toes

Nineteen year old Oto Useda from MaleFeet4U has some very sexy feet – a little rough, not perfectly groomed and utterly masculine.  And then there are his long, hairy toes that he scrunches tightly for the camera while he shows off his bare, smooth soles, callused heels and slightly dirty toenails.  Man, I can’t get enough of this hot Euro guy showing off those bare feet!  Click here to see Oto Useda’s entire foot session at MaleFeet4U!

Bare Feet Twink Feet

Long Haired, Barefoot Twink

Cute, long-haired twink with sexy bare feet

This cute and boyish long-haired twink from ToeGasms calls himself – get ready for it – Whitehurst, an odd name for a guy who’s very easy on the eyes.  He’s slender with lots of cute factor, a great smile, and his bare feet are long with long toes.  His soles and the undersides of those toes are just a little dirty, but that’s okay – we like ’em that way!  Click here to see Whitehurt totally barefoot at ToeGasms!

Twink Feet

Twink’s Dirty Sneaks and Toes

Twink with dirty sneakers and dirty feet

Billy from ToeGasms is a cute, athletic twink with hairy legs who shows off his feet in worn, dirty sneakers and white athletic socks.  And after we’ve spent some time drooling over those shod, socked feet, Billy slips off his shoes and socks to reveal his dirty feet and toenails plus those mouthwatering hairy calves.  Want to watch the entire shoot?  Click here to see Billy’s feet at ToeGasms!