Dirty Socks / Feet

Jeremy Removes His Dirty Socks

Amateur guy shows off his feet in dirty socks and bare

This is Jeremy Robbins’ sixth appearance on MaleFeet4U, and I think you’re going to like this one!  Jeremy found a pair of very well-worn socks, wears them till they’re dirty – and no doubt, sweaty – and then pulls them off to show his bare feet.  Lots of closeups of his masculine feet, socked and bare, and when he scrunches his toes, his feet are a bit bruised, so it looks like he’s been using them hard.  Click to see more of Jeremy’s very male feet!

Dirty Socks / Feet

Amateur Guy in Dirty, Sweaty Socks

amateur guy's feet in filthy sweaty socks

Meet Patrick, a sexy amateur hunk who wore his dirty, sweaty, stinky socks to his foot shoot for Foot Friends.  I mean, these socks are DIRTY, and they cling to his feet showing off the shape of his soles and toes through the grime.  Then Patrick pulls off his shirt to give us a peak at his hairy chest, then slowly peels off his socks.  Want to see more of Patrick’s feet in those sweaty socks?  Click to see him at Foot Friends!

Hunk Feet

Black Muscle Hunk in Shoes

Monty is a super sexy black muscle hunk!  He’s a handsome amateur who decided to live out his fantasy of showing off that muscled bod and his feet in shoes.  And the Foot Friends camera captures every minute in this sizzling session.  Monty lets us drool over his built physique after pullng off his shirt – ooh, thse sixpack abs! – then displays his feet in shoes and finally sweaty socks.  I’m in lust!  Wanna see more of Monty?  Click to see him at Foot Friends

Amateur Feet Feet in Sneakers Feet in Socks

Slim Amateur in Sweaty Socks

Slim amateur guy takes off his shoes to reveal sweaty socks

Kai from Foot Friends is a cute amateur guy who’s not quite a twink, but he’s slim and sexy in his A shirt and shorts, and on this summer day, his feet are hot in his athletic shoes, so after giving us a nice, long look, he slides off first one sneaker and then the other, revealing his feet in sweaty black socks, then sticking one foot right up to the camera for us to drool over.  Click here to see Kai’s entire shoot at Foot Friends!

Feet in Socks Foot Worship

Worshiping Carter’s Dirty Socks

gay foot and dirty sock worship

Carter is a slim and sexy guy who’s had a crush on his trainer, Ricky, who’s a bearded and masculine hunk.  Well, at least Carter’s fantasies come true as Ricky gets down and worships Carter’s feet in their dirty, sweaty white socks.  Ricky sucks those socked toes as he holds them by the ankles, their smelly foot odor spurring him on.  And finally he pulls off one of Carter’s socks to lick his bare sole with his warm, wet tongue.  Click to see this entire foot fetish video at My Friends’ Feet!