Feet in Sneakers

Boarder Shows Off in His Skateboard Shoes

Bad boy skaterboarder shows off in his board shoes

This inked 20 year old skateboarder calls himself Kyd.  He’s got a tough attitude as well as being quite tatted, and he’s got spacers in his ears, too – not sure why ToeGasms approached him to do a shoot, but I’m glad they did.  He’s wearing board shoes that fit his feet well and add to his street look, and he shows his shod feet off from a variety of angles.  And for the finale shot, he shows off one foot in a sweaty sock while the other is still in his shoe.  Want to see more of this skater showing off his feet?  Click here to see Kyd at ToeGasms!

Bare Feet

Barefoot Badass Nailz

bare male feet and hairy legs

I don’t know where ToeGasms finds all these cute guys who want to be thug-types, but Nailz is their latest.  He’s got an angelic face that contrasts with his facial piercings, sideburns and face scruff, and he’s showing off his hairy legs and calloused bare feet.  His heels and arches are smooth, the balls of his feet are rough and he has delightfully plump toes sure to drive us foot lovers wild.  Want more?  Click here to see Nailz’ entire foot session at ToeGasms!

Hunk Feet

Beau Reed’s Masculine Feet

Rough and sexy bearded man pulls off his socks to show his bare feet

You may recall our previous post featuring Beau Reed – well, we found a solo set of him at My Friends’ Feet, and it is hot!  Beau is a tattooed, aggressive top with rough good looks, dark hair and eyes and a very sexy beard.  He wore shorts to this shoot that show off his legs, and once he pulls off his shirt, he reaches down to pull off his socks and expose his bare, masculine feet for our pleasure.  Hot?  Hell, yes!  Click here to watch more of Beau Reed show off his soles, toes and heels at My Friends Feet!

Amateur Feet

Rough Skate Punk Skug

Skateboarder takes off his boarding shoes to show off his bare feet

Skug isn’t your usual ToeGasm model. Instead of being a cute twink or jock porn star, he’s a punk skateboarder with a lower lip piercing who wore board shorts that show off his hairy legs, bright blue and red boarding shoes and a t-shirt to his shoot.  He’s a bad boy with a hint of thug attitude about him, and that’s very sexy if you like ’em rough.  After his shoes are off, we can see his low-profile black socks that he strips off to show us his very sexy male feet. Want more of Skug? Click here to see him at ToeGasms!

Feet in Sneakers

Tristan Matthews’ Feet

Rough stud Tristan Matthews shows off his masculine feet

It’s time to change gears a bit. Our last few updates have included a handsome guy, a cute twink and a porn star daddy, so I’d say it’s time for a little rough trade.  You may recall Tristan Matthews.  He used to be a gay-for-pay model, a bit of a rough twink, if you see what I mean.  In this ToeGasms shoot he’s a little older and a whole lot rougher with his tattoos, skinhead cut and attitude.  But underneath it all, he’s still the same Tristan who loves showing off for the camera, and this time he’s showing off his feet.  He wears skateboard shoes that he peels off to show us his very sexy bare feet as he flexes his toes and soles.  Hot!  > Click here to see Tristan Matthews show off those male feet at ToeGasms <